Let us help you reimagine your career.

Positioning boomers to overcome the unique challenges we face in finding success in the "new" workplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is aligned to your mission: to get you working again. We’re committed to helping you do this, as quickly, easily and painlessly as possible. SquarePeg always was, and will be here for you, our fellow boomers.

Our Vision

The vision for SquarePeg is to help a million boomers get back to work every year. With well over 3 million of us out of work and suffering daily, we’ve cast a lofty vision. We see a world where every boomer who’s been downsized, reorged or laid off can find work and meaning without losing hope. Together we’ll make a difference until all Square Pegs are employed.

Our story is your story.

Unfortunately, it’s not a fairy tale.

The founder of SquarePeg learned the plight of being unemployed at a later stage in life. Through the humiliating interviews endured, the endless applications sent to job sites, the resume rewrites, active networking, and eventual cold calling to businesses, the feelings of dread and pending failure grew. Only until sharing with others did it become clear that millions of boomers were suffering this fate. With no where to get help and no one offering answers, SquarePeg was conceived to do just that: to become your online career resource partner. We can’t guarantee that you’ll live happily ever after. What we will do is to provide what you need to like the way this chapter ends.

Creating opportunity through community.

You’re not alone. There are millions of us right next to you.

While going through the trials of obtaining work, we often feel isolated and alone. Our families care but are unable to provide the help that we need. Our friends are well meaning but are employed and can’t directly relate. We can only access our personal network so many times. The SquarePeg Community was imagined as a home of sorts. It’s a place to share, to learn, to listen, to feel understood and to celebrate. This is your community, designed to support you 24/7/365. It’s what you need it to be.

A Little Help From Our Friends.

SquarePeg extends a helping hand.

With success comes responsibility. As SquarePeg grows, our success will be measured by the number of boomers we’ve helped find work. We believe that by contributing to the needs of our members, we can foster your success. That’s why, once a month SquarePeg will conduct an online poll. Our members will suggest a worthy candidate, with the leader becoming the recipient of a contribution to their quest to win, keep or advance within their work. Although this will start out smaller than we would like, our hope and intent is for this to be a more frequent and larger scale component of the SquarePeg offering to our members.

Resources we wanted but couldn’t find.

Welcome to your 24/7/365 online career resource center. Here you’ll find articles, reports and first-person narratives on subjects that are all relevant to getting you hired. Think of it as your own personal news channel devoted to helping you succeed.

Need Good Tips?

New tools for your well used toolbox.

Your resume, your cover letter, your online profile, your interview presence – did they work for you? You wouldn’t be reading this if they did. They didn’t work for us either. SquarePeg has new ideas, solutions, and strategies to make your existing tools sharp and powerful again.

Give Our Tools a Try