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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

So Then Why Are Other People Getting What I Need?

After we lost a job, it seemed that everyone had somewhere to go each day but us.

How Do I Spruce Up My LinkedIn Profile?

In No Time Flat….

Your resume is looking good. The cover letter reads well, sounds compelling and paints you to be the only one alive who can fill the available position.

Getting to Your Highest and Best Use

Which Means What Exactly?

 The concept of highest and best use (HBU) originated with early economists who conceptualized the idea of maximum productivity. One of the earliest citations of the term was used in the assessment and valuation of real estate.

Five Personality Traits That Are More Important Than Your Resume

Or How to Get Hired By Being Yourself

  1. Let’s start with a sense of humor. It is well understood that hiring managers primarily choose a candidate based upon a perceived chemistry.

Fact or Crap

What’s Real and What’s Not Real About the Job Search

So much is written about the search for work today. Much of it is helpful,

To Network or Not to Network

It’s Not Even a Question

“I have two hands, so when I’m networking and I meet two new people, is it ok to shake both their hands at once?

Six Powerful Ways to Communicate

Without Saying Anything

One of the most powerful methods of communicating with one another is through non-verbal language. Whether you’re at a networking event,