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You Got the Interview! Congrats!! Now What?

Some Tips to Help You Nail It and Bring Home the Job

So you landed the interview for that position that you’ve coveted. Then you start thinking about actually attending it.

Asking This Just Might Cost You the Position

Every interview is fraught with certain questions that put you in dangerous territory. Some are designed to test an applicant, while others are a downright trick of sorts.

The Order for Your Resume Content is Pretty Much

The Same as it Ever Was

If you’re like us, you’ve sought help in creating your resume. If so, no doubt that you’ve heard some of the following:

  • You’ve been in the work force for years,

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

This Indecision’s Buggin’ Me. Exactly Who I’m Supposed to Be

Maybe I should use a recruiter?

Deep into your job search, it becomes critical to use every asset available to you.

You Talkin’ to Me?

Here Are 35 of the Questions Most Frequently Asked During an Interview

When we were in grade school and had a test coming up,

Under the Covers

(Now That We Have Your Attention……..)

Thought that you were done writing when you finished your resume? Unfortunately, we have to think again about that one.

And Now, The Top 10 List of Interview Prep Techniques  

What You Can Do to Walk in Prepared to Win

1. Know your audience

Remember when you were a kid and were trying to get the keys to the family car?

Reimagine Yourself  

Now That Someone Unimagined Your Job For You

How does someone unimagine your job for you? To put it simply: they fire you, downsize you,

It’s Over Before It Started

Common Resume and Interview Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Imagine how many candidates that recruiters and hiring managers see annually. Now, imagine how many of them bring their biggest personality quirks and issues into the room.